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Fear Factor
Most Popular Episode

“This is easily the most screwed up stunt we’ve ever done” said TV Host Joe Rogan at the beginning of what was to become the most popular Fear Factor episode ever aired on television. Fabricating equipment to match the rigors of the game was the challenge.

Argon Cannon
Directed Energy

The Argon Cannon is the first directed energy device to be demonstrated to the public. I led an engineering team, sponsored by the Sci-Fi (now SyFy) Channel, to plumb the depths of fluid dynamics, corona field analysis and high voltage to make the Argon Cannon a reality.

Mercedes Benz
World Class Reveal


I enjoy creating executive reveals for corporate events. Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, Scott McNealy and others have emerged to jaw dropping reactions but the reveal at the New York Auto Show for Dr. Klaus Maier of Mercedes-Benz remains a favorite.

Desert Show Reel
MultiRotor & 1K  Camera

Aviation has been my passion since childhood. By the end of 2010, I logged over 100 hours of air time in multicopters at a time when they had to be build and flown by hand. This is a 2015 show reel shot with a custom designed multicopter and a 1K sports camera.

Research & Development
Monarch Inc., Aircraft

Designed, fabricated and flight tested in two weeks, the Monarch AG agricultural mapping drone became the first Non-DOD multirotor aircraft to receive a Certificate of Airworthiness (2013) from the FAA. The design serves as the cornerstone for Monarch’s fleet.

Industrial Short
Typical 3D Survey

This short is a marketing piece for Monarch Inc., a drone company in Ridgecrest CA specializing in the agriculture, survey and energy marketplaces. A combination of land and air footage is used to portray the company’s work and create viewer excitement.

Company Promo
Ten Years of High Tension

The goal of this production is to trace the historical lineage of electrical special effects and highlight the contributions of Hollywood pioneers Ken Strickfadden and Bill Wysock. I wrote, edited and narrated this program while serving as CEO of kVA Effects.

Independent Series
Trona - An Aerial Short


In 2009, Industrial Designer Nick Ritter and I took a trip across southern California filming travel-log style short films to explore and improve the art of film making with miniature aircraft. The original series had six episodes and most can seen on YouTube.

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